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We found that many agencies try go get clients through long-term methods like content marketing, SEO, networking, or referrals.

Yet, they struggle with getting leads in the short term. This results in the following problems:

  • The lead pipeline dries up
  • Cash flow turns negative
  • The team experiences feast and famine periods and see their founder struggle with the emotional rollercoaster.

We set out to change that – with a lead generation method that is proven: cold email.

But the problem with cold email is that many people use it wrong.

A generic pitch sent to thousands of recipients. I talked to one of these spammers, and their reply rate is below 0.2%! That’s ONLY responses, not even sales!

What makes a great email? Personalization and timing!

We started with scanning businesses all over the world and looked at their marketing problems. Then we found a way to automate that. A business with marketing problems can be pitched in such a way:

Hi John,

I am Till from agency [NAME] down the road in [CITY]. I read your blog and found that your articles (e.g. [POST TITLE]) provide great content for your target group.

I noticed there has been no update in your blog, can you tell me the reason why?



This is an automated email from our system, and it is personalized. You don’t need to write custom pitches yourself – the system does it already.

But most importantly: it comes at the right time when they experience problems publishing new content.

Who is this for?

Our system is designed for digital agencies which provide SEO, content, social media, and more.

We also have a location search, so we can concentrate on your city or region for new leads.

A lot of agencies try to get leads through inefficient systems and waste their time talking to people who are not ready to use your services or don’t need them.

Wouldn’t you rather have a system that only engages with prospects that need you now?

And you are alerted to them when they start needing you?

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