Are you looking for companies that

have 10-59 employees

have an office in your city or the region


use hubspot or another expensive cms

AND have inconsistent campaigns?

We have a solution for you that scours the web based on
these and more proprietary indicators
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Direct support for you

Our system consistently delivers leads every week, if the process is followed through every week. I am here to help you personally to never have a dry pipeline again.

Till Carlos,
CEO Maerketing


The power of timing in your hands

B2B sales take long because there are only so few buying windows. Constant following up is necessary.

How great would it feel if you could hit this window – automatically?

We filter prospects based on their timing to narrow your window of outreach and expand your chances of success.

How we detect prospects



search your area and industry


identify weak marketing


get additional intel and hand over to sales team

Software beats manual work

Seasoned marketers try everything from hiring virtual assistants (VAs), or machine-scraping websites.

All these methods work on small scale, but cannot compare to a powerful algorithmic approach.

We Care About Agencies

Revenue, retention and acquisition are three main things you should track, according to Jim Flint, Local Search Group.

We interviewed 20+ digital agencies. In this featured interview, Jim Flint discusses how his employee structure is build and why he prefers t o have a specific division in the company in order to achieve an optimal dynamic.

We distilled 11 lead generation strategies from all interviews. Get the resource here, for free:



400 USD/m
  • 25 prospects every week Guarantee: a free new list every time you get less then 5 responses
  • Requirements: you need a cold calling / cold email setup. (includling access to our knowledge base for free to help you get sarted)


1000 USD/m
  • We email on your behalf
  • Including 4 step email campaign
  • Full access to stats
  • Guarantee: we email untill you have 10 warm intros


Do you need a custom outreach plan (incl. calling, follow-ups) ?

Outsource your prospecting department to us.